Sweet Belle and Sebastian-style twee-pop machinations and beautiful melodies via subtle jangled riffs. - ​JanglePop Hub

Two Full-Length Albums for Fall!

“An unusual, fascinating and thoroughly unique work… The album features seven wonderfully-titled instrumental moodscapes that run the gamut from dark and menacing to light and soothing.” – Eclectic Music Lover

“A fascinating musical journey… This album could be compared to Dante’s Divine Comedy.” – Edgar Allan Poets

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A poignant track about growing up and lost innocence... Great story-telling and a remarkable reflection on society. – Your Musical Experience

"Good Dog" (single)

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Introvert's Delight on BandCamp

Marc Schuster records music in his basement on the outskirts of Philadelphia. His music has been described as boundary-pushing lo-fi psychedelic pop with favorable comparisons to Elvis Costello, Elephant6 Collective, and Belle and Sebastian. 

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"Before the Boys" on BandCamp
"Good Dog" on BandCamp

Marc Schuster

"Before the Boys" (single)

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Introvert's Delight (EP)


Marc Schuster embraces a beautiful 60s lo-fi psychedelic pop aesthetic on the vibrant "Good Dog." Outright glorious.  - Beach Sloth

“This classic rock record is filled with mellow tunes that put you at ease, give you a sense of comfort and calm to wind you down on a hectic and stressful day… If you just want to breeze through a record, find yourself feeling a deep-seated feeling of euphoria, this is the slow jam for you.” – Find No Enemy

“Great album!” – Sinusoidal Music