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Marc Schuster

I've written a few books over the years. My two favorites are about music...

And the rest...

Tired of California: The Beach Boys' Holland Revisited

The story of Holland is the story of a band trying to reinvent itself. Drawing on a wide range of interviews and profiles published in the early 1970s, Tired of California examines the efforts of the Beach Boys to crawl out from under the shadow of their resident genius to become artists in their own right under the controlling eye of their shady publicist-cum-manager Jack Rieley. Commercially disappointing as this effort may have been, it produced some of the most enduring material of the band’s career. Loved by rock legends like Tom Petty and Elvis Costello, Holland proves that the Beach Boys were more than just Brian Wilson’s backing band. They were true artists.

Frankie Lumlit's Janky Drumkit

When his parents refuse to buy him a drumkit, Frankie Lumlit builds one out of odds and ends he finds in the recycling bin. A great book for sparking creativity and a love of music in children... I wrote and illustrated this one!